Here I am

As a faggot I expect to be naked. Clothes are for real men, as is body hair. I keep myself smooth like a little boy and I want everyone to see my faggot cock and balls with no pubic bush to protect them. This gives full access for men to grope me and torture my genitals. My nipples are also available for torture and a sharp squeeze or application of clamps will cause me pain and make my faggot cock erect. My cock and balls like pain from electric shocks to impact to pins and pegs, and you’ll enjoy my reaction to the torture you inflict on them. My ass also needs attention from being fucked with your cock, to dildos and butt plugs (electro a plus), and of course any spanking, caning or flogging you might feel like giving. I should be punished for just existing.

So here are my full frontal nudes, now in the public domain. Please spread them far and wide so millions can see my nudity. Comment on them and suggest what you’d do to my body

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