This subhuman shit swallowing pussy faggot is gonna be exposed all over the internet and to all his family and friends so everyone knows what a fucked up fag slave he is. Worst thing is he even pays his master serious cash to get this shit posted up
Name. Murray Christopher Chapman
DOB 17/3/1967, age 48
From; Timaru, New Zealand

Email: [email protected]


Just look how the faggot has created its own faggot ID cards, so every man can recognise what he is and use him as an inferior servant fag.
Check out the pictures where he has a dick down his throat, and you can see in his eyes, he knows he isnt the same as the man using him, he knows he’s inferior, and just a hole for use.
The way he licks that toilet bowl clean, like he’s french kissing it, cuz he knows the only taste a faggot should have on its tongue is the piss and shit marks left by real men.
And then worst of all, the pictures caked in his own nasty shit cuz a real man told him thats all he’s worth, and he should take a pile of his shit and rub it all over his face and body, to show the world what a subhuman pig he is.
He’ll take any load bare, will take a total ass wrecking, will be a full service toilet for real men, and any other nasty subhuman shit you can think of.  Damn this cunt is maybe the nastiest fag yet who’s begged to be posted up on exposedfaggots.

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  1. Admin MasterAshton 2 years ago

    Hahahah can you believe this faggot sent A $50 for me to post this shit about him, then of-course I got another faggot to write up the post about him and pocketed the $50 my self mwhahah. I bet when Murray Christopher Chapman reads this comment he will send another gift card thanking me 😉

    • pervkiwifag 2 years ago

      I,m a faggot to expose, Master Ashton can slut fag on cam for pocketing more cash.

  2. sophie 1 year ago

    I love your id card and wish to have a nice one like yours

  3. Brittany 10 months ago


  4. BLOUSEFAGGOT 7 months ago

    Love the shit postings 🙂

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