The sites new layout allows a much larger banner, this is great news for you faggots that love exposure (all of you).
As you can probably tell by looking at the banner and the title of this post there is only 1 more spot!
You are guaranteed to stay on the banner until the end of this year, and the banner will be shown on EVERY PAGE.
The site is getting thousands of visitors each day, this means people coming to this site to see other faggots will see your face no matter what, and people who came to this site by accident will also see your faggot face LOL.

Spots on the banner are not free. I will be giving the spots to the fags who bid the highest.

Starting bid for the last spot is $150 USD

To bid simply comment on this post, or message me on the site.
Payment methods accepted are

Note: If using giftcard the minimum bid is $200, this is because it cost a % to turn the gift card into cash.

All cash made from the sale of banner spots will be used to improve the sites speed, usability and pay to advertise it on bigger sites.


As a added bonus, when all the spots are sold the fag who bids the highest will get their exposure featured in the place of this post for 2weeks!



Very dominant straight alpha. Overlord of all faggots on this site. Very short tempered with dumb faggots. Don’t ask me to expose you unless you have something to for me $$

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  1. doris_star 2 weeks ago

    my idea who gonna be on banner is free for fag who collected most high points in”fagpoint” on acoount:) without this fags who are allready:)

  2. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 2 weeks ago

    No. Fag points are to get fag of the month. If I let the person with the most points have a spot on the banner, that would lead to fags making shitty exposures and shitty comments on every exposure just to increase their points to get a spot without paying.

  3. Anisha 2 weeks ago

    Hello Master Ashton i was wondering if the slots are already taken or the bid is still on for a photo on the banner? My Dom has asked me to submit a bid for myself if this option is still available. Thank you.

  4. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 2 weeks ago

    Yes there is spot available. Place your bid.

  5. Anisha 2 weeks ago

    I am not sure where the current bid is at Sir but it says starting bid is $50 so i will put that down as my bid for now Sir.

  6. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 1 week ago

    Bidding for 1 of the last 2 spots is currently at $110

  7. Fag Alon 6 days ago

    I can bid no more then 80 $

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