relaxing at the bar

relaxing at the bar

Mature sissy faggot. Into cock sucking, taking it up the ass, denial, edging, ruined orgasms,being exposed, and finally, serving any Dom or Domme!! Have developed a fondness for eating cum, mine or anyone elses!!

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  1. Sissy Peggy 2 months ago

    Fancy seeing you here Dana

  2. Author
    sissy fag dana 2 months ago

    smile……..are we friends on Tumblr??? i feel so stupid not remembering you. i do know, however, that i woud really luv to suck your clitty!!!!!! i do hope you enjoyed my posting here? i go everywhere i can to post my photos. i want the entire world to see me….dirty dana….i can’t get enough exposure!!!!!!

  3. doris_star 2 months ago

    nice bitch…but why your post is so poor and weak of slutty pics?

    • Author
      sissy fag dana 2 months ago

      Hi doris! Baby, thank you for the comment. For some reason, and i don’t know why, i have not posted much here on Exposed faggots. Honest truth? i get so involved with other sites i simply forgot. i will certainly start posting more photos on this site. i thrive on exposure and humiliation and i hope i can get that here. i want my photos and videos spread all over the internet. Thank you for kicking me in my fat ass and getting me going. Look for more of me by next week. lix and sux…dana

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