So some dipshit faggot made A couple exposures on the site then posted his pictures using the activity wall. He then cried and cried wanting them removed, and of course he knew he had to upgrade his account to do so. He then messaged the hosting company of the site which gave me A warning… wankers. His account was removed and all posts gone, to save the site. This was A few months back. But when peoples accounts and posts are removed the stuff they posted in the activity-wall/news feed doesn't get removed because it's not tied to their account… it's just how the stupid site plugins are coded, I can't do anything about it. (No I did not code it) Then today I get A letter from lawyers saying blah blah removed all his pictures because he's claiming someone went on his computer at his house and uploaded all his ID's and other personal information and some how took humiliating pictures of him with several dicks in his mouth…. and ofcourse all this was posted without his permission…. Give me A break fuckhead. So these pictures were posted in the newsfeed and didn't get removed when his account did… now to go through the servers files and find each individual picture is A HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. So in fear of other faggots doing this same thing, I have removed the whole news feed and activity wall until I find someway around this bullshit.

As you can fags can tell i'm pretty pissed off. If you don't want to be exposed DON'T USE THE FUCKING SITE. No one is here forcing you to be on the site, and I don't expose faggots my self unless they pay me. If you know you're A piece of shit and you're going to regret the exposure after you post it, do me A huge favor AND DON'T FUCKING POST IT. I've used countless hours of my freetime setting up this platform for you faggots, I don't need you cunts making me feel like it was A huge waste of time if you're going to waste my time with your stupid bullshit wanting to get removed as soon as YOU POST SOMETHING your self.

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Andy Diaper Loser Faggot Whore

loooosers who removed

Sissy Steven Gold

It appears that all the pics in the groups have been removed too.


this is so annoying for you sir and obviously so disappointing for us slut,s fags as obviously most diverse want to stick to the rules and except when we upload pictures they become public and we know we have lost control of them that’s part of the thrill I personally find it such a turn on getting a message or seeing pictures posted elsewhere even if at times you regret posting pictures deep down you know you shouldn’t be doing it as you’re putting yourself in other people’s hands and you just don’t know who’s going to find the pictures… Read more »

sissy faggot slave jennie

Fags know what the site is for, on the other hand idiots make up about 50% of humankind.

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