Adam is a naughty nasty faggot that pretends it’s a real man to those around it, but secretly it  loves to prance around in outdoor places naked where anyone could see. This Faggot especially loves letting its tiny clitty dicky flop around like the pathetic nub it is. It also loves having its faggot asspussy abused. It craves humiliation and exposure. Degrade this faggot and make it feel worthless. Show it it’s true place beneath man and feel free to spread these degrading images around. Faggot loves discovering new ways to push its boundaries and get one step closer to being a good faggot bitch for real men. It loves completing tasks assigned by doms. And it also enjoys the punishments it receives for failing. And punishments even despite its success. Because a faggot does not deserve to be rewarded.

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9 months ago

I bet you make your parents proud

Bob the Sissy
9 months ago

OMG, look at your cute tiny cock, you must still be a virgin, at least with women. now as a faggot you should have alot of success

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