I love this site and the ability to expose oneself. I was initially wary, especially about using my real name, Andrew Lamb but I have become increasingly turned on by extending my exposure. I have a tiny sissy cock and a fat faggot belly and I love people seeing my nude faggot body. I love dressing in lingerie and showing off outside my house in Birmingham. This site has helped me gain the courage to expose myself to the world. I love showing my tiny cock especially when pissing as I love the total loss of dignity. I want to become famous on the internet as a small dicked sissy.

I expose myself of my own free will. Thank you Master Ashton.

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Sissy stevenflewitt
7 months ago

Great post hun looking good I love your exposures. I think we are both becoming fully exposed faggots.

7 months ago

Wish I had the courage to expose myself in public like you

7 months ago

Love your nerve

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