Andrew Brown
Certified Faggot


Dallas, TX

59 y/o

DOB 12/01/1961

Twitter:  @faggottexas



It has taken fag Andrew Brown to admit to himself that he’s a faggot. He was always curious, but never ready to admit he was a full on faggot. The best he would do was admit he was bisexual. But then this faggot looked in the mirror and realized his cock hadn’t been inside of a pussy in many many MANY years, but ofcourse this faggot has had PLENTY of cocks inside him. For years this FAGGOT would pretend to be an alpha male, well now this faggot is waking up to himself and ready to shed that lie and embrace the faggot life style!

Fag Andrew Brown loves Dominant alpha males to use him for their pleasure (what faggot dosn’t). Being an obedient submissive bitch for Alphas is what Andrew Brown lives for! He will do whatever he’s told, whenever he’s told. Sucking cock, face fucking, getting gagged, sittong on his cock, or having the Dom mount him, FAG Andrew CRAVES it all. WHATEVER the Dom wants, Andrew brown will give.

Just by looking at fag Andrew Browns pictures you can tell hes CERTAINLY not a real man, but an emasculated faggot. Now he’s finally come to terms with what a cock sucking faggot he is. It’s time to tell the world. Starting with this exposure!

Now that you’ve seen my story and what turns me on, you can tell by the pictures that I am certainly not a real man but an emasculated faggot.  And now that I’ve admitted it to myself, it’s time to show the world!!

From the faggot himself

“PS:  The best part of this was that exposure agreement. I know that any pic of mine on the internet is fair game, but signing away my rights for the pics to be used anyway you desire (while i know that’s just standard legal stuff) is still a huge turn on.”


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