Received a pretty straight forward order on my e-mail account ([email protected]) sating: ‘make sure and prove you’re real’

Had to print the email-message and hold the paper against my face. Had to write ‘DUMP FUCK’ (I think you mean dumb fuck, but dumpfuck works…shithead ;)on my forehead, one picture wearing something white and a bunch of pictures totally naked. Must stick out my tongue and lick my lips. All on my knees of course.

When done I was ordered to publish them on .. so here we go.

Fag Michael Sanders


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  1. Grietje-van-fag 11 months ago

    realy nice – would love to get this honore too

  2. Faliscan 11 months ago


  3. BearNipGuy 9 months ago

    I like the email idea, but your cock should be showing in all of those pics too.

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