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I am submissive, willless, fuck as you needed, piss on me, as a pig in the stable. Who will be my master? Add me all instructions. Ernst the slave …

I am an old and very obedient slave, which Lord wants me as an subject?

 Ich höre auf ihre Anweisungen und folge jedem Auftrag! Sie können mich in ihrem Schweinestall halten und mich quälen. Warte auf ihre Befehle! Sklave Ernst …

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I, Ernst the slave from Switzerland seeking absolute submission. Pleasant attitude in pigsty. Who will use me, treat me as slaves, humiliate me, and subdue me. Everything is conceivable, …


Slaves, Sissis, Frag and Schwuchteln are supposed to feel comfortable here. The pictures here are all released. They give the right to distribute the images for any purpose. We …
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