This faggot's name is Bobby Watson. It's address is 290 1st Avenue, Greeley, Colorado, 80631. It's email address is [email protected]

I am Bobby Watson. I am a willing faggot fuck hole and urinal for anyone who wants to use me. I hope someday I will be recognized online by someone who knows me, or my wife, Donna, and blackmails me into doing or submitting to the nastiest, most humiliating things to keep them from outing me to her and my friends.

I also think about someone who doesn't know me, but recognizes me in public, lures me into a van or a back alley and brutally rapes me. Perhaps a gang?

I am a faggot and do as I'm told. I deserve only abuse and humiliation, and exist to serve in any way that entertains dominant or sadistic men or women, from whipping, BDSM, slavery, and making me a whore, [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]  to being used as a toilet and cum dumpster, any time, any place.

There is no “type” of person I seek. As a faggot I have no right to choose who uses me, so things like age, race, body type, appearance, etc. don't matter.


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