Dominant switch . I never identify with sissy or fag, will turn me off honestly. I identify as a breeder in subspace. I’m also a Submissive top.

When I switch I like being degraded for being bi, in other words I see gay men as superior. I jerked off sending campaign donations to Pete Buttigieg… One time I had a Gay MAN kick my balls from behind as I jerked off to lesbian porn.

In subspace I believe gay men havethe best taste and style. I dress like a sloppy str8 boy and love when fags insult me for it. Gay men should rule the world. I’d rather submit to a submissive fag then a str8 man. If he’s gay he’s superior to me by default.

Out of subspace, I don’t really think that. 👍

I think it stems back to my gay friends making fun of me for having girlfriends.. calling me gross and to pick one. I always dressed in skater gear and general boyish clothes while they had better style. I got picked on by gay men for years, had a few demand cash.



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sissy Demi
5 days ago

sexy breeder boy

Fag Jay
15 days ago

fuck yes i want to be your fag and sir

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