These fags created exposures but they were so shit they were not worth publishing, so i'll put them all together in this one exposure.
I don't do this often, most of the time I delete shitty exposures, so don't go making shit posts thinking ull get added to a post like this.


I am a sissy faggot in Florida named Connie. I want to be exposed and posted online with dreams of becoming a sissy porn star! (Farfetched i know, but maybe I'll meet the right people!)

Please expose me so I have no choice but to go down the sissy path I continue to abandon.

Name: Connor Cedar

5'9″ 150lbs


I need to be exposed as a total faggot. I want to be blackmailed into doing more and more disgusting dirty faggot things and ultimately have my life ruined by sending proof of my depravity to my friends and family. I want to be spread everywhere. In need of a no limit master to own and shatter my limits with no consideration for my well being or fate.


Please ruin and expose me until everyone discover what I truly am. I beg you.

My name is Sophie Lavoie, previously known as Claude Lavoie. I am pathetic sissy fag slave living in Anjou and my deepest dream and fantasy is to be exposed to everyone who knows me until I am totally destroyed and outed. Left with nothing but my faggot tears.


This loser only gets horny when he is humiliated. Please write degrading comments and share the images of this slut in the net and on porn sites!

To shame him even more, please show the pictures on socially media platforms such as facebook or Twitter! It should be recognized and redistributed with its real name, so that there is no hiding anymore.

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