Chastity and Humiliation Journey Update: 28th September 2016

Hi all, how are you all doing? Firstly can I apologise for the delay in bringing you my latest chastity and humiliation journey update as personal life and family have kind of had to take priority over the past month or so. Many of you already know that both my parents suffer health problems so looking after them can sometimes take over.

How am I coping with my chastity at the moment? Well it has been a pain the past month or so as I am getting to the stage of wanting to scream in pure frustration. I think it is because I am so busy just now that everytime I do something all I can think about is having a wank to relieve the stress. This inevitably makes the frustration even worse. I find myself lying in bed at night rubbing the front panel of my chastity belt in the hope that I get some stimulation from it. I don’t! All I get is a cock that is straining to get hard in it’s tube and I can’t even touch it or get any friction on it to give me some bloody pleasure. I can’t believe it has been ten months already since I last got to see or touch my cock. It makes me seem and feel really pathetic.

I have done a couple of videos since my last update. One of me visiting a cement works and of me having a quick play on the swings at a local park, both dressed as a sissy. I am due to do a shopping trip to an Aldi store dressed as a sissy but family events and bad weather along with severe anxiety have meant that this video is still to come. It will be done in the next few weeks though!

You can view them on my pornhub channel by going to

If you are a member of you can view them on my profile and as an added bonus every time you view them on ownedfags you also add time to my chastity duration. You can visit my profile at

The rules for my chastity are as follows:

For every £1 received as an amazon gift card (to be sent in british pounds) to the email [email protected] one additional day is added to my chastity. All giftcards are received by my MASTER, MASTERSIRBOSS and I have no access to them grr

The sissy has given over control of its amazon wishlist to MASTERSIRBOSS. He has added many humiliating sissy items and outfits that people can purchase to send to this sissy. Every outfit must be worn and proof uploaded to this tumblr, twitter and to sissy’s ownedfags profile for you all to laugh at. Fore added humiliation this sissy doesn’t get notifed when a gift is arriving and all packages come addressed to Diaper Sissy Andrea! So bloody humiliating when I have to sign for them for fuck’s sake! The wishlist is:

Locked in neosteel chastity belt by MASTERSIRBOSS since: 24th Nov 2015

Current release date: 5th Dec 2026!!!!!

Remember if the outstanding remaining duration hits 20 years MASTERSIRBOSS is destroying the keys and making my chastity permanent so it is well worth you adding to my duration to see it happen.

Pornhub channel:

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