Chastity and Humiliation Update 23rd March 2016

So today has been a very horny, scary but exciting day. After failing to get someone to film me doing a sissy walk I decided to have some fun myself as my MASTER could do with a laugh at the moment. First of all I changed behind a disused building then set about walking by a road and car park. I was so scared I was gonna get caught and I did by a guy on a bike and a guy on a moped. Luckily for me they just kept on going.


Later this afternoon I thought it would be fun to bring my bins in dressed as a sissy. The look on the guy walking across the road is brilliant and I am surprised the taxi driver didn’t crash. Both videos will be on my profile later for you to laugh at.


As far as my chastity goes, I am bloody horny today. Don’t think the sissy fun helped any but nevermind. I am not sleeping well at the moment either because I am so horny. It goes in cycles though so hopefully will calm down again soon.


Remember you can now use the widget on the blog to buy a monthly payment plan to add a set amount of days to my chastity sentence every month. All days bought increase my suffering but more importantly all money goes to MASTER so you will keep a smile on his face. Him earning whilst increasing my chastity lock up makes MASTER a very happy straight man so get started so he can make me suffer. I am begging you! Every £1 adds a day to my chastity.

Switch Master who is originally from Scotland but now residing in North West England. I dominate those lower than me but I also submit to the will of MasterSirBoss who has me locked up in a neosteel chatity belt. The belt will not be coming off anytime soon as any tips I take from those lower than me here add to my time locked in chastity so I could end up locked forever. Every 10 tips received on by me adds another day to my lock up eek! Every £1 donated using the widget on the blog also adds a day to my chastity.

Locked in Chastity Since 18th Dec 2014
Locked in Neosteel Chastity Belt by MasterSirBoss since 24th Nov 2015
Current Chastity Release Date: 27th Aug 2017

Like slaves into exposure and also on the hunt for wishlist subs also I dom others and do it on behalf of my own master MasterSirBoss. I like to serve him alone but I am mainly dom and looking to expand my dominant side.

I am very much into humiliating rubber and scally subs and love to take my belt to them at any opportunity to ensure they know I am better than them.

On the sub side of things, MasterSirBoss openly encourages the public humiliation of myself and likes to see me transformed into a sissy, AB and gimp for his amusement. Subs are opemly encouraged to visit my wishlists and send me something humiliating that I have to model on camera and upload to the side and my blog.

Send the sissy something humiliating to model: AMAZON WISHLIST:


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    • Andrew Franchitti March 28, 2016

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