I'm just bored & buzzed, so my judgement is compromised. So please enjoy these pics of me showing off my ass-slut diaper-fag nature!


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Your a sexy slut hole

stoOpid Fhagit

With your handsome face, (sexy) hairy belly, plugged hole, locked dick, ridiculously thick diapers & fearless approach to humiliation you are really an ongoing inspiration to other non-mainstream fetishists. For Bearded “Guy Next Door” looking guys like us its so much more acceptable to be publicly into BDSM, Pig play & such as opposed to getting off on wearing chastity cages, diapers & exposing yourself all over the internet. Thank you for being so bold. Seeing you all over the place along with reading your RTD articles has truly helped me on my journey to discovering, accepting & embracing myself… Read more »

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