Kyle started out as a pathetic man-boy who felt a need to be exposed as a diaper-wearing fag.


When Master locked Kyle's tiny penis in chastity, Kyle learned that his only sexual outlet was to shove bigger & bigger toys up his ass.

Pretty soon, being locked up with a huge plug up his ass, all held in place by tight thick diapers became his norm.  Soon his ass became so stretched out that he needed a locking butt plug harness to hold the plug in anytime he wasn't wearing ridiculously-thick diapers, like when he was trying to pass as a Real Man, at work & around vanilla acquaintances.

Having his hole stretched wide open at all times, his pathetic excuse for a dick locked up, and wearing humiliating, squishy, stinky diapers stripped every last bit of pride & masculinity from Kyle.

He no longer needs to be locked in chastity, because his cock has permanently shrunk to a worthless nub.

His hunger for gigantic shafts and plugs has left his ass so loose that he has achieved his ultimate wish–this fag actually needs his diapers now.



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