Just a collection of my sad attempts to find comfort and sexual satisfaction by exploring my Adult-Baby side:


This one is very old, a still shot from an early time-lapse. I’d shoved a huge dildo up my ass, held in by a massive layered diaper, toped it with an AB-print onesie. Then I crafted a weird padded harness designed to keep that dildo shoved all the way in- one of my first attempts at self-bondage 😉


More Adult Baby experimentation at my folk’s house while they were on vacation:


And of course, my AB exposures that I captured while watching my best friend’s family’s house while they were on vacation:


When you’re a young diaper-fag, and don’t ahve your own place & space,

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1 year ago

But in time you grew …well as a photographer and total depraved diaper shitting faggot…but hey..life goals lol

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