How %$#@ing sad & pathetic can you get?  Pretty sad, considering the fact that I spent hours making humiliating GIFs of myself specifically to create content for a new post:


Tiny cock locked up, pounding my hole as directed by Sir. Punching past my sigmoid makes me gasp every time.

IMG_20180219_172153-ANIMATION (1)


This is a pretty stupid diaper, lots of layers & bulk but it looks like crap.  It looks like I'm just a freak who put on a lot of diapers.  I want to look like a pathetic freak wearing a gigantic baby diaper, soaked & swollen to the max.

IMG_20171009_103415-ANIMATION copy 2



This was a pretty respectable diaper.  I was locked in chastity, my tiny dick even more irrelevant than normal.  The diaper was made of parts saved from a week's worth of layered diaper fun, nice and squishy & ripe.  It all felt great because I was well-lubed with leakage from my ass- J-

lube & melted Vaseline.  My mind was blown by the 2XL Egg Plug that was stretching & invading my ass.



Showing off my nasty, ripe diaper out in the open, begging for someone to see me



This is a GIF of some old pics, one of my first extreme exposures.  Literally torturing myself (and enjoying every second) with a huge inflatable butt plug- on camera!

IMG_0133-1-ANIMATION copy




I just think this is beautiful & wonderful, a nicely soaked, thick & juicy diaper.





Maybe my most humiliating “share” yet. Yup, I pissed in a glass then chugged it

.2018-02-19 14.15.43



Another nice squishy mega-diaper afternoon 😉

2016-05-04 01.27.32-ANIMATION


I got pretty damn lucky here, that no one saw me doing this exposure

.2015-10-29 11.51.28-ANIMATION


A wonderfully squishy diaper.
VID_41680924_211121VID_41620301_082741 copyVID_41480311_182811

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