Kyle knows that diaper-fags like him are the most pathetic fags out there.  They want to be exposed & humiliated, but even on hard-core exposure sites no one cares- they just scroll on by  . . .  no one is interested in a grown man with a diaper fetish.

Still Diaper-Fag Kyle persists in trying to expose himself, looking for more & more humiliating pics to post.

Kyle loves soaking his diapers until they are a saggy, squishy, stinking mess- then he just keeps on wearing them.

He loves stewing in his stale piss and saves the ripest old diapers to wrap around his face

Nothing is riskier, and nothing more thrilling than face pics.  To look straight into the camera while on display in his diapers, to post pics that could destroy his professional and personal reputation- to accept that anyone could see his pics if they knew where to look.

One of his greatest joys is exposing himself in the open, wearing ridiculously-thick and obviously perverted diapers where any random passer-by could see him.

For this fag, nothing is more beautiful than a picture of himself in diapers.  Not just a disgusting freak, he's a narcissist as well.  He really thinks some of his pics are art!

Still, just a pathetic diaper-fag, and no one cares.  Which makes his self-exposure all that much more pathetic . . .

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raising the bar for all us diaper fags ^_~


It’s a pretty low bar considering you wear diapers.

Guy laughing at you
Guy laughing at you

You are utterly shameless for such a perverted thing as wearing diapers. I bet you suck your thumb and rub off in them constantly too. You also seem addicted to your baby diapers and the thought of others laughing at you.

I’m laughing hard over here diaperboy so don’t worry about not getting the exposure and attention you so desperately crave haha.


Please seek emergency mental help. You need it desperately! Any adult who wears diapers like you do is mentally ill!

benjamin ryan

I admire this diaper fag so much. I wanna be more like him.

Eddie Schupp

I love showing off my loaded diapers too fellow diaper fag.

David Nichisti

I love you Kyle, I think your photos are the best because your diaper is the BIGGEST!

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