I recently, and finally, realized that it is for the better of all mankind that I am officially removed from the gene pool.

Not only should I be permanently pussyfree.

I should be orgasm free, too.

And what better choice of underwear for someone who will never have sex again? Diapers. Wet diapers, dry diapers, messy diapers, leaky diapers…a diaperfag does not discriminate. I am Josh Boyce, and I hereby vow to remain pampered and pussyfree. I am a loser who should only feel happy when pleasing Alphas. I must annihilate my masculinity and destroy any chance of me ever being able to find a partner.

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Peter Shackleford
1 month ago

I aspire to be as faggy as you.

3 months ago

Josh your nice and fucked in the head just how I like my faggots

Sissy Bill
7 months ago

That’s a cute chastity cage!

Andrea Tilapia
1 year ago

welcome to the club sweetie 😀

1 year ago

LOL loserrrrr

sissy josephine
sissy josephine
1 year ago

hi josh i know how it feels to be a sissy fag

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