Hello, my name is Elmar S. and I come from Solingen-Ohligs (Germany). I was born on april 11th 1978 in Leverkusen (Germany) and I am a real faggot who loves to wank in sexy pantyhoses and stockings in front of my webcam. I have a big collection of pantyhoses, stockings, bras, swim-suits and everything what a real perverted fetishist and exhibitionist like me needs. I started wearing pantyhoses of my mother with the age of 13. My mother wears them every day. When I was 14 I quietly began to steal a lot of fine knee socks, pantyhoses, bras, swimsuits, panties, etc of girls who were sisters of my good buddies. After a short time I began to make homemade videos of my wanking sessions and when I was 21 the first girl asked me whether I has grabbed a swimsuit and a bra of her so I was outed as a perverted fetishist. In the following years I realize that I am a bi crossdresser and I stole al lot of lingerie of any girl and woman I know a bit better. I made hundreds of sex tapes in which I jerk off in pantyhoses and in 2006 I uploaded my first video on an internet website. I mainly published these videos under the names Strumpfhosen_Elmar and StrumpfhosenElmi. Meanwhile there are thousands of nude photos and porn videos of me online for free. Do you like my nasty pics and videos? It would be great if you could upload them everywhere in the WWW. Please expose me!!! Kiss Strumpfhosen_Elmar 🙂

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