Expose me!! I’m Shawna, a gay closet sissy fag!!!

I am a closeted, sissy crossdressing boy. I love to secretly dress in all sorts of women’s sexy clothing and feminine footwear (high heels, sandals, girly flip flops, and cute fuzzy slippers for bedtime!)  I enjoy crossdressing from my blonde wig down to my gay painted sissy toes! I like to mince and sashay around while fully crossdressed and feminized! I enjoy anything involving femininity. Women’s clothing and shoes are so much hotter and sexier than boring mens clothes and shoes or boots. I wish I wasnt so shy about my crossdressing side and could dress like a girl all the time. I have a very tiny cock and dont make much of a man, but I believe I make an excellent sissy fag boy! I love modeling while crossdressed and wish to crossdress for others entertainment. I would dress up and dance, strut around like a model would, and even give women or men sexy stripteases/lapdances! I am very shy but deep down I crave exposure and humiliation. I cant begin my real life until I live as the sissy girl I am on the inside. I would love to find either a dominant woman who enjoys sissifying their men and fucking their gay asses wih big strapon cocks, or a real man who wishes to have a little sissyboy girlfriend!! 

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  1. faggotfredcumpig April 15, 2017
  2. Sissy Kitty September 30, 2017

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