Exposed in daughter’s clothes

ADMIN EDIT: GOD DAMN YOUR A SICK FUCK.  I hope you’re lying about it being your daughters clothes.

This sissy faggot loves wearing sexy undies and clothes and wants to be exposed for the sissy that he is. His favourite time is when funding the undies of his daughter and slipping the on without her knowing. Secretly he wants her to know, to see him dressed in her clothes and seeing him for the faggot he is. Many times he has tried to give up, but many times he has slipped back into being a true sissy when he finds her panties on the floor and just needs to put them on. Expose him in the hope that his daughter might see the pictures and discover his faggot secret.

Known and Bryony, this sissy’s name is Brian Poole of Cheshunt, Herts, UK EN8 8PR, email [email protected], tumblr brianpoole100, skype brianpaul36. Just expose him now

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  1. Susann Bornholm April 18, 2017
  2. willow melody April 20, 2017
  3. Bryony Poole April 20, 2017

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