Exposure packages are back! This site is free to use, and free to expose your self, but for those of you who want to skip the queue and get your heart racing and dick throbbing from someone else exposing you, the exposure packages are for you! Exposedfaggots.com has a ton of exposures awaiting approval and most of them will not get accepted because they either don’t have enough info or the pictures are garbage. Even with the most basic exposure package I will help you along the whole process to make sure your image are ideal, and I will personally write the text to make sure it meets my expectations to get approved! (skipping the queue as well) Then there is the all out exposure…. the name says it all. Your own personal website! My own network of sites will link to your site, giving it a huge boost in search engine rankings! Imagine someone searching your name and then seeing a site all about you filled with naked pictures or whatever you like!



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Exposure created by MasterAshton

Exposure Featured on Homepage

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Public Exposure Agreement Added to gallery

Official Faggot picture added to gallery

Get to fill out a paid exposure legally binding contract!




All of BASIC

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FAG ID card created, and shared to the gallery


Exposure packages can be paid for using:
Credit/debit card via transferwise.com
amazon.com.au giftcard


To arrange a exposure package message me on this site (Admin MasterAshton) either in the chat, or by private message.
You can also add me to skype – rippedxxx (when adding me say it’s about exposure package or you won’t be accepted)

*Make sure you really want to be exposed BEFORE you pay. If you pay then change your mind, there is NO REFUNDS.
*All packages have the removal fee of $50. So if you decide you do not want to be exposed anymore you must pay $50 for it to be removed.
 All people who purchase exposure agreements will have to sign agreements stating they want to be exposed and know all the rules/risks.

Step by step how exposure package works.

Fag contacts Admin saying he wants to purchase package
Fag sends money
Once money is sent, fag will be sent an online contract to sign giving Admin permission to post his images and also agreeing that he knows the risks.
Once contract is signed, fag then sends pictures and info he wants used in the exposure.
Within 24hours of those pictures and info being sent the package will be complete.


*All out exposure package is not available at all times, ask if you do not see it advertised
* You will only be added to official faggots if you write exposedfaggots.com on you, or hold a sign with it on it.
* Your website will be hosted for 3months, then you must pay the hosting fee $10 – $15 per month or it will be removed.  Domain url and all features will be discussed before payment.
* If there is something else you would like done, that is not in any of the packages, feel free to message me about it. Maybe we can get it done.
*All out exposure package will take more than 2days to complete. Usually within 2weeks it is complete.
*I make no guarantees your all out exposure website will be ranked on the first page on google.  

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