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This site is free to use, and free to expose your self, but for those of you who want to skip the queue and get your heart racing and dick throbbing from someone else exposing you, the exposure packages are for you! has a ton of exposures awaiting approval and most of them will not get accepted because they either don’t have enough info or the pictures are garbage.
Even with the most basic exposure package I will help you along the whole process to make sure your image are ideal, and I will personally write the text to make sure it meets my expectations to get approved! (skipping the queue as well)

New for 2020, now all packages even the basic get featured on my twitter accounts with a combined follower count of over 11 000. These followers are gained organically, and not by using bots. This means they are WAY more likely to share the content they see rather then just scroll past it.
And once they share it, people on their accounts will share it as well!

Then there is the all out exposure…. the name says it all. Your own personal website! My own network of sites will link to your site, giving it a huge boost in search engine rankings!
Imagine someone searching your name and then seeing a site all about you filled with naked pictures or whatever you like!



Free Trial









Exposure created by MasterAshton

Exposure Featured on Homepage

New! %100 Exposed Badge on profile

Public Exposure Agreement Added to gallery

Official Faggot picture added to gallery

Get to fill out a paid exposure legally binding contract!

New for Basic! Exposure will be shared on all 3 twitter accounts with a combined follower count of over 11 000.




All of BASIC

Exposure shared on MY twitter accounts!

Exposure shared on network of sites:

FAG ID card created, and shared to the gallery




All of premium

Website dedicated to your exposure

website url can be whatever you like

Network of sites will link to your website for the first month

website will be easily updateable

website will be search engine optimized

To arrange a exposure package message me on this site (Admin MasterAshton) either in the chat, or by private message.
You can also send an email to with the subject as “Wanting to purchase exposure package”.
Let me know your username on the site, and which package you are interested in.


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