Fag Andrew P publicly exposed!

Fag Andrew P from a small village near Sevenoaks, Kent, UK faces the ultimate humiliation of being exposed to his friends, family and neighbours!

Andrew Phillips exposed slut

The 52 year old coach driver has been sharing all his personal information in what must be the riskiest dare game he has ever played. Fag Andrew P accepted the challenge to publicly answer ANY questions on Nibblebit – http://andysevenoaks101.nibblebit.com. Over the course of two weeks, Andrew has shared details about his family, where he lives and works, passwords, Facebook friends’ and financial information. In addition, he has also revealed explicit details of his faggot sex life.

Fag Andrew – Sex Secrets Exposed!

Fag Andrew Phillips Dunton Green

Andrew’s friends think of him as quiet, shy and unassuming… nice but, a bit boring! They are going to be shocked when they discover the truth about his depraved sexual cravings!

Andrew tried to hide his homosexuality from everybody until he was nearly 40 years old. Despite this, his faggot lifestyle began when he was 16 at his school in Tunbridge Wells. Fag Andrew Phillips tells the story of the first time he sucked a penis… To be more precise, he sucked two cocks at the same time, during a gym lesson. After swallowing their loads, he admits that he felt “sort of proud… and wanted more!”

Anyone who has seen Fag Andrew on Tumblr, will know he enjoys outdoor fun. Fag Andrew has a very small penis yet, he loves getting naked in public places. On Nibblebit, he confesses that his love of outdoor fun has led to many very sleazy encounters. Fag Andrew has had several illicit encounters in public toilets. He has had sexual encounters in public places, with people very close by. Fag Andrew P also discloses details of dangerous sexual rendezvous with strangers at cruising areas!

Nothing is left to the imagination as he shamelessly exposes his sordid sex secrets. There is even one sickening story involving sticky toffee sauce and a pet dog!

Fag Andrew’s appetite for risky casual sex continues to this day. Less than three weeks ago he spent the night with a young waiter at a hotel in Somerset. Just three days ago, he posted an ad on Craigslist offering his services as a faggot. The ad says that he will visit single men, couples or groups of men. It goes to say that they can use and humilate him in any way they like! http://kent.craigslist.co.uk/cas/5785981088.html?lang=en&cc=us


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