I really can’t do without exposing myself again and again, because I really love exposing myself and being exposed by anyone else. And I like doing it in a more and more degrading and humiliating way.
I furthermore really hope to be seen, spread and fucked up by as many people as possible, so that all the world can see just what I really am: a worthless stupid pathetic fag. It’s just what i want and deserve.

Here I show myself locked and plugged. And a pic of the anal plug I used.

the anal plug used in the pics above

Fag name: frocizio lo piglia
Real name: Fabrizio La Paglia
Birth: 16th August 1963
Location: Rome, Italy
E-mail/Hangouts: [email protected]
Kik: frocizio
Tumblr: frociziolopiglia
Twitter: @fagfrocizio

Height: 182 cm
Weigth: 77 kg
Sexuality: faggot
Cock: 7cm when limp, 15cm when hard (but it hardly becomes hard)

Likes: exposure, humilation, chastity, bdsm, cbt, tt, fist, piss, scat, animal and much more

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  1. Kyle Blebjørn 1 week ago

    Decent exposure faggot. Do better next time!

    • Author
      fag frocizio 1 week ago

      Thank you, Kyle. What should I do for a better exposure?

  2. gary wayne waldon 1 week ago

    a fags 2 fav things

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