Fag larry Cadrain gets into the xmas spirit!

151205-181552AHAHAHA Good job fag larry, you managed to make me laugh the hardest of 2015. Not only did this sissy queer take the time to dress up as A Christmas tree or what ever the small dick faggot had in mind, he also managed to take the dumb fag face to another level ROFL. Check out what this faggot sent me in A email:
“Boss, faggot larry cadrain would like to offer itself as a housecleaner, party entertainment, model for photography, sex slave. If Sir ashton should ever come in contact with men in Connecticut USA who would like to pay for faggot’s services please let me know. Payment can be negotiated by the Boss and paid directly to him. faggot is willing to discuss this with Sir. Thank you Sir for your time.¬†fag larry cadrain 789B West Main Meriden CT USA 860 5599534 [email protected]
To-bad I live in Australia haha what A dumbass, maybe some other Alpha reading this can make use of this knob jockey.
If I get enough comments asking for it, i’ll post up more picture of this grandpa sissy cross dressing hahahah wonder what his kids thing… they probably do the same thing, fags.
151205-181615 151205-181724 151205-181753banana1bnanawhore card larrybanana

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  1. Jacob May 16, 2017

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