FAT and Ugly.. that was FAG Michael Sanders a couple of years ago . He didn’t want me to these horrible pictures.. but hey.. why should I care?  He made me promise not to use his account on EXPOSEDFAGS.COM   Bhwoehahahaaaa!!!!  So here I am BITCH!! On your account… since you gave me the codes!   Bhwoehahahaaaa!!!!  You’re  dumb, naïve and total brainless little slut you are!

He made me promise NOT to use these pictures.. but look how nice I’ve made them for you.. you utterly brainless FAG!!! After all.. what a promise to a fag worth?  NOTHING!!!!

So.. Ya’ll enjoy his stupid and disgusting pictures.. (MASTER ASTON will make sure they stay) and why not download and repost ’em wherever you want?  Bhwoehahahaaaa!!!!


next up: your passport, drivers license and address!!! Just for the search engines.. this is  FAG Michael Sanders

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  1. FAG Michael Sanders 8 months ago

    Hi Y’all. this is the REAL Michael Sanders. Damn, what have I done? Wise lesson: don’t give anyone your password and codes! See what happens, grrr

    These pictures are very old, I guess about 7 to 8 years ago.

  2. shyanne 8 months ago

    lol,, you’ll do worse, I have. may I spread these on tumblr? such a cute bitch.

    • FAG Michael Sanders 8 months ago

      ah well, it’s to late now anyway. And we’re here for the humiliation. So after the first shock I guess you can spread my pictures on Tumblr. Thanks!

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