FAG Michael Sanders

FAG Michael Sanders.  Skype: voorwerp1


Let’s make FAG Michael Sanders regret posting this!
Internet NEVER forgets … so why not repost this picture and make his life miserable?

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  1. RaptorRed 11 months ago

    Your apology may be accepted, michael, but, as you know, you will have to earn forgiveness using your body…especially your shameful faggot holes. Succes!

  2. FAG Michael Sanders 11 months ago

    Yes SIR, I’m totally aware of that SIR.
    Guess there’s nothing left for me then getting to work and serve them superior Men.

    Thank You for Your guidance SIR!

  3. Gay sissy fag 11 months ago

    nice post faggot

  4. faggotfredcumpig 11 months ago

    where do you get off calling yourself a “person” you are not even PEOPLE! you are just a piece of meat to be used by real men in all of your QUEER FAGGOT HOLES, in order to feel as real men. a person? HA!!!

  5. FAG Michael Sanders 11 months ago

    Thanks for the compliments SIR!

    This is my Skype: voorwerp1

    I’m on Skype on a daily base. I also check my email several times a day, it’s:
    [email protected]

    I use ‘MyMail’ on my phone so email messages are received instant.

    Pls feel free to humiliate me, pass my picture(s) around or date me if You need meat to fuck.

    I live in The Netherlands, near Amsterdam, so when around and want to unload… this FAG is most of the times available to serve.

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