Fags points are gained by interacting with the site, the amount of points for doing certain things will be listed below. So what are the fagpoints good for?
At the end of the month the 3 fags with the highest points will go into a poll and the other fags will vote for fag of the month! As well as that, when you gain a certain number of points you will recieve a badge.
Once you have won fag of the month, your points will be reset to 0. This gives all fags a chance to get fag of the month. If you are a super faggot, you may be able to get it twice!

  • Registering to the site – 50 points
  • Each day you visit the site you get 100 points
  • Viewing A exposure – 10 points (Limit 500 points per day)
  • People viewing your exposure – 10 points each time someone views your exposure. (limit 500 per day)
  • Getting your exposure approved and published – 100 points (Limit 100points per day)
  • Approved comments on exposure – 50 points
  • Each comment you get on your own exposure – 25 points
  • Spam comments – minus 500 points (Not english, just links with no useful comment)
  • Clicking on links in exposures – 10 points
  • New messagewall activity – 20 points (limit 500 day)
  • Messagewall activitity removal – minus 100 points
  • New profile picture – 20 points
  • New profile cover photo – 20 points
  • New friendship – 20 points (limit 200points per day)
  • Ending friendship – minus 50 points
  • Messagewall comment – 25points
  • Message wall favorite – 25points (100 limit / day)
  • New private message – 5 points (not not include chat at bottom of site)


Any questions or ideas you may have comment below.


Please keep in mind this is still a work in progress, although most of it should be working correctly. If you notice any issues please report them to me.



Ranks change based on points. You can view your own or someone elses rank in their profile.

  • 0 – 500 = Newfag
  • 501 – 1000 = Cocksucker
  • 1001 – 2000 = ExposedWhore!
  • 2001 – 3999 = Attention Seeking Faggot
  • 4000 – 9999 = SuperWhore!
  • 10000+ = Gods Gift!

Points are reset each month, but your rank will not be. So if you get to attention seeking faggot when the points reset next month you will not go back to new fag, but the points will not be added onto last months points so you will have to get 4000+ if you want to get the next rank.





Certified badge! Get this badge by getting your exposure agreement approved and posted by LLM




Verified whore badge! Sign up to http://exposedfaggots.chaturbate.com and get your account verified as a camwhore by getting ID approved to get this badge!
Contact admin, and show them your verified account to get this badge! (note EF admin does not verifiy your account, that is handled by chaturbate)




Exposedbadge! This badge will be awarded to you after you have a approved exposure.




OfficialFaggot badge! Get this badge by being featured on the officialfaggots page!




All Premium members get this badge!



Super awesome badge! Get this by logging into exposedfaggots 100 times!




Supporter badge! Get this badge by tributing to exposedfaggots.com! Paypal and amazon accepted.








All the points badges, the exposed badge and the badge for visiting 100 times will be automatically assigned to you. For the other badges you admin will assign them to your profile.
There are more badges to come. To request a badge contact Masterashton admin, or comment on this page. Also if you have an idea for a badge feel free to comment it.

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Lee Taylor
5 hours ago

Have you got an updated list of points Master?

13 days ago

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Desiree Long
1 month ago

Looking at all the badges

Matthew Pettineo
Matthew Pettineo
2 months ago

I will make it to #1

7 months ago

I can’t imagine why you do what you do Master Ashton.

Michael Sullivan
10 months ago

This must need updating.

Chris Chastity
10 months ago

What’s the amount we need to donate to get the Supporter badge? And where to we send it? To the same email adress that’s used to pay for exposure removal?

Michael Sullivan
10 months ago

I am not getting all these points! Only getting 1 point per exposure I look at and have not got any for dailt visit. This list must not be right anymore.

mark nadolski
11 months ago

Badges? Points? I’m on here to dominate, abuse, expose and humiliate you sissy cocksucking faggots

Eddie Schupp
11 months ago

Any word on the full badge list?

1 year ago

Want to earn more fag status each week

Michael Sullivan
1 year ago

I am kind of new but I do not see anywhere where I can see how many fag points I have? Is there a place to check points? My bimbo brainwashed brain does not see anything.

Sissy Michelle
1 year ago

Great concept

Natonya Swallows
1 year ago

I wanna climb up…

1 year ago


amanda sissymaid
1 year ago

please help me become a good sissy faggot

gary wayne waldon
1 year ago

thank you for taking time to explain MASTER

Tori Morgan
1 year ago

Well, i cant see my fag points ☹

Brian Scott Richardson

Fuck me

sissy josephine
2 years ago

i aspire…

Sissy Darcy Delorme
2 years ago

love it

2 years ago

really good….cleary view…wow…. amazing..let’s fight fags about it:)

2 years ago

Yes! Great competition! I think that good news activate our Great SITE!!!! Like it! Valery

2 years ago

Love the fact the points are back

Kyle Blebjørn
2 years ago

Yes sir, thank you Sir!! The points & leaderboard will give me a measure to validate my pathetic existence 😉

2 years ago

I was wondering, what if a Mistress gets the most points? Are they still considered “Fag of the Month”, lol?

2 years ago

noone gona be better than valfir:)

2 years ago


Sissy slut steve kuhn
Sissy slut steve kuhn
2 years ago

Oh my – fag of the month, what an honor!!

2 years ago

Time for some new exposures!

2 years ago

great, some thing to aim for, looking at getting a new dress for when I win.

Kelly Michaels
2 years ago


2 years ago

My goal.

2 years ago

I’m Faggot Cocksucker Rick Steele and I am going to Strive to be the Fag of the Month for at least 1 whole year!

2 years ago


vanessa dawll
2 years ago

sissy Barbie 🙂

2 years ago

Sounds fab

3 years ago

Literary my new life goals

3 years ago

Fuck yea, love this!

Jeremy Ewing
3 years ago

my new goal

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