This fag loves to expose himself

he says:

I would like a master who will give me dares, humiliating dares, exposing dares. I Will do as u tell me and give u a pic of my ass doing them. I will take any dares inside outside or in public I don’t care they can be anything from spanking my ass red to going to a public bathroom and pulling my pants all the way down at a urial or going into a stall and leavening the door unlocked and be naked. I will do anything u want with in reason. I really enjoy public bathroom dares or anything humiliating.

I also have a huge crush on my neighbor. He is older but I find him so hot. There was this one time when he was coming home late from work and asked me to let his dog out so I went over there and let the dog out but I had to use the bathroom and he keeps his dirty cloths in there. And I found his underwear and I sniffed them . I would like to do things that revolve around him but not things like go and suck his dick. What I want are this like u need to see him three times in the next week or when u talk to him u must stare at his dick. There is also other people I have a crush on so if you want to know about them just ask

if u want to message him on Skype it is just fagsmalldick

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Your pathetic. Stop dreaming and start being the faggot you crave to be


I love your shithole

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