is intended for people to expose themselves or people with fetishes of others exposing them. It is not intended for exposing people that do not want it, or have no knowledge of your post about them.

If someone posted your images without your knowledge/consent you can use the DMCA page and file A DMCA takedown notice. You can get to the DMCA page by clicking here.

Note: DMCA takedown will not work if you posted the content yourself.


Glad you like my site 😉 This is definitely the best way to get on my good side!

You can tribute to me by contacting me on this site, skype: rippedxxx or via email: [email protected]

I take the following:

  • giftcard
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Chaturbate tokens
  • Bitcoins
  • Credit card of my paysite.

Exposures with only one or less pictures and no information to accompany the picture will be removed immediately. A single picture can be posted in the news feed. Here is A check list of things your exposure should have to not get removed.

Good exposure checklist:

  • Multiple pictures
  • Face showing in at least one picture
  • Information about your self – Name, City, fetishes, work blah blah
  • Social media links
  • Contact info

Shit exposure checklist – any of the following will get your exposure removed:

  • Only 1 picture
  • No information accompanying the picture
  • Blurred out face
  • Info without any pictures
  • Title saying video of something then linking to another site for the video (embed the video dipshit)

If your exposure gets removed, you will not be able to create another one until you upgrade your account.


Cry me A river bitch. This site is %100 free to use. But not to leave 😉

Here are the only ways you can get your posts removed:

  • Upgrading your account (paying me)
  • Sending me A amazon gift – card (paying me)
  • Sending something else which benefits me (paying me)
  • Filling A legit DMCA request (paying A lawyer)
  • Making me A cool banner or advertisement for the site.

As you can see, quite A few ways to get off the site if you want to 😉


Reblogged simply counts the amount of times people have clicks the share buttons. It does not track where your post is getting shared to. For example if I’m logged into twitter and then click twitter share button it will share it to my twitter which will count towards the reblogged stat, however the reblogged  cannot track what my twitter account is.

If you are worried about not ever been able to find who shared your posts and having it on the internet forever, then this website is doing exactly as I intended 😉


Contact me on this site or via skype – rippedxxx
Payments I accept:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • giftcard
  • Bitcoins
  • Chaturbate tokens.

If you have A popular blog/site I will upgrade you for free in exchange for A link to expsoedfaggots on your site.
(I will determin if I think your site is popular enough)


You can, after you upgrade your account.


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Once you are A member click upload exposure shown below, or alternatively click here.



Each user gets 20MB of disk space.
There is A max limit of 5MB per file. This means you can upload 5(Five) 5MB photos to reach the limit. You cannot upload 1 (one) 20MB file.

You must upgrade your account if you want to increase your accounts file capacity . Upgraded accounts get A additional 100MB of space, with the file limit increasing to 50mb. If this is still not enough you can of course purchase more.

Contact me on the site for information on how to upgrade.


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