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I am a total Cumpig that has been taking raw dick and loads since I was tag team force fucked at 15…as I took that first load which he promised he would not shoot in me, he told me that he was making me a cum whore and that one day I would realize my life’s purpose is to take men’s loads and that I wouldn’t be able to get enough!  I love to get blindfolded and tied up and locked in my sling and just have guys cum in through the unlocked door and use , abuse, fist me, wreck my hole and breed me…taking pics and videos or web cramming it and then after they breed me, they pull the hood off of me and take some pics of me spread wide with my wrecked hole and my face so they can share them, show them off, post them, exposing me and Whoring me out!   Sometimes they even open the blinds up without me knowing until the take my hood off….leaving me exposed while locked in the sling until the next guy shows up!





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  1. Michael 10 months ago

    Fuckijg hot pig expose him more all over the web! His Tumblr is wreckinghole

  2. DaddyJoe 9 months ago

    such a greedy pathetic faggy whore!

  3. Michael 6 months ago

    Heee is a link I found to this whores google drive expose this fucking faggot https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1OQmRrJAtK0aE1IcjMtdVpna2s

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