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    Want to share your teamviewer details/usernames + passwords to social media accounts for people to exposure/shame you with. POST THEM HERE 😉

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    I use teamviewer on my mobile
    My ID TeamViewer est 842703454

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    Alexander Dullinger

    TeamViewer: 667 226 630
    no password


    Nice keep em coming, let’s get this message board filled up with teamviwer and login details for people to go through LOL

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    Alexander Dullinger

    Facebook: pw:drölfdrölf

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    My ID 538 446 558

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    Faggot Sissy

    I’m Mike Karacson wanting to be exposed on my Facebook as a sissy faggot. Here is a link to my sissy faggot pics of me along with my personal information. Post my pics along with my personal information on my facebook. Make a sissy faggot page of me on my facebook with my full name. Don’t post nude pics on facebook, but you can send nudes of me to friends in messages. Link to my pics:

    Facebook Login: Password: sissy4545
    You can change the email and delete mine out and change the password leaving me exposed.
    Faggot Mike Karacson a sissy to humiliate and expose from Mishawaka Indiana

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    michael cumer

    older faggot
    706 531 246 w686cc

    Profile photo of faggotpig

    TV ID 114 222 532
    pw 196bai

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    id 214 709 033 4390

    Profile photo of mary

    #teamviewer (with dots) pw: 000000`
    If no findom U can do what U want!
    Make my pc girly as possible open for everyone for ever…
    Lock me down 😉 Please 🙂
    Install any soft U want – parental, streaming, monitoring software – even Spyware or RAT ;]
    Chastity control.
    Blackmail for assigments.

    <img src=”” alt=”option 2″ />

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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