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    Hi Im new to the group but love the idea of exposing a fag. I met one through a Craigslist ad by a couple looking for a bull. After meeting the couple he emailed me to let me know I wasn’t the type she was looking for. I answered back to bad I have a 5 day load I would have loved to pump in her. He responded with I can help you out with that. So I said fuck it why not. He sucks my cock once or twice a week now. He acts very straight and macho. He’s a supervisor in the construction field and for some reason that makes it even better for me knowing that he’s a faggot that sucks the cum out of my cock every week. I told him he’s such a good little faggot I may know some guys that would like to use him. He was very eager. What a faggot lol. I told him to send me some pics to show and see if they would like to use him. He said just for your friends to see right? I said yes I will only show guys that may want to use you and won’t post them. So he sent a few from his work of all places. not much but it sure would be fun to out him for what he is and not what he presents himself to be. My problem is I gave my word that I wouldn’t post them on the internet. But I’m open to suggestions

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    that is a lucky fag

    No badges. No points.

    I live being dominated and used. I’m a sissy faggot who need humiliation and being teased. Love for everyone toto expose me please

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    Hi, my name is Richard (Rick) Steele and I really am a Faggot Cocksucker!

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