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    As the title says… Tell us about your self, and what your looking for.

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    corey bouchard

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Corey Bouchard i am a 20 year old military diaper fag stationed in north carolina… i am in diapers and chastity 24/7, my maximum erect length is just under 3 inches, and im locked in a 1 inch cage…

    Ive been in diapers full time since the 7th grade, when a bunch of alphas put me in them as a joke, but they went too far with it and my parents found out, so i had to stay in them full time,

    I am bladder incontinent and mostly bowel incontinent…

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    I’m the fag behind the pictures for the group. >///< 31 year old diaper wearing homo..I’ve always wanted to be diapered and humiliated.
    I Once actually asked my parents if they could get me a pack of diapers for my birthday growing up.

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    My name is Chris watkins. I love being a pathetic diapered sissy Kiser. I am 28yrs old and I deserve to be outed and exposed. For being so pathetic.

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    pansy Gronski

    Hello everyone, this diapered sissys name is pansy Gronski, and this sissy lives full time, permanently as a diapered baby girl, this sissy craves to be exposed, humiliated, and ridiculed by Superiors Masters who enjoy making pathetic sissy’s like pansy feel the shame and the laughter of being so pathetic and faggotty ~~ sissybaby pansy


    Hello everyone my name is Diaperfag Waddlebottom but if you are looking to expose me I was born Christopher John Ryan. I need to be completely outed but honestly am to much of a pussy to go through with it. I am Diaperboychris on Instagram and my tumblr is I’m diaperhumilboy on skype and kik. I’ve made all of my pictures and videos public domain and I hope to find help in taking that full step to total exposure.


    Ahaha fuck, didn’t know so many people were into wearing diapers!

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    We’re a bunch of Losers Sir

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    I don’t know that i’m into it SIR, but as a fag, i know i have to wear diapers if that’s what a Real Man decides SIR.

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    Hi Everyone, I am David I am a diaper wearing fag, I am seeking humiliation and exposure and someone to make me prove to everyone how much I am a diaper fag

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    Andrew Franchitti

    I have to wear diapers under my sissy dress when my MASTER sends me out to film myself walking around in public. As my sissy dresses are really short everyone can see that I am wearing a diaper. It is so degrading

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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