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    First A little lesson on how this site works.

    This site is built using word press which means it’s pretty damn easy for A fag with half A brain to make his own exposure. Also when A post is published to this site it automatically gets re-blogged to the sites tumblr, twitter and google + accounts which lets people relobg it further from there creating huge exposure for every post. This is also important for slaves wanting to expose them self’s then back out shortly after and delete it…you CAN remove it from THIS site, but it WILL NOT be removed from the social media accounts unless I DO IT FOR YOU manually.

    Here are the following ways to get on this site. (Posting your pictures/info in the live news-feed WILL NOT get you on the site)

    1. Not being A dumb ass/computer illiterate moron and posting your own exposure using the sites features. Now I understand most of you are dumbass computer illiterate morons, so I will create A guide on how to do this later on when I feel like wasting my time. If you do this PUBLISH ONLY ONE POST PER DAY OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED.
    2. Admitting your A dumb as fuck with no idea how to make your own post, then emailing me at [email protected] with your picture(s) AND INFO. People that just email me pictures have no hope of getting on the site, I want all your info, your story, why you want to be exposed what your looking for blah blah the more you send the more likely you will get on the site. (You will not get on right away using this method you will go into the queue of faggots and get posted when I’m bored with free time.
    3. Now if you want to get on the site right away and don’t know how to do it your self, you can send A AMAZON.COM giftcard to [email protected] and I will personally make your exposure and publish it. The gift-card must be worth $20 or more. This way also allows you to be removed from the site all social media if you wish.

    If you have any questions/comments about this, leave them below.


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