Happy Anniversary Honey! I have something I want to share with you. I’m now a gay fag and love naked play with naked men. I sucked my first cock last year in a hotel, and he fucked me too. It was awesome. I am now addicted to cock. 24/7. All I think about and want is cock in my mouth and in my ass-cunt. I can’t believe how fast I have become addicted to cock. I am now just a cock whore in search of more cock every day. All I want is naked man play now…

I am now a total bottom faggot cunt looking for men to fuck me and cum inside my ass. I suck dick and eat men’s cum, and I get fucked and take cum in my ass. I have a warm, tender ass-cunt that loves to get torn up, and I love having new and different men cum in me and breed me.  I crave hot sex with men.

I know you have no idea how much I love to get naked on my knees before any man and beg him to let me suck his cock. When I hear a man tell me, “Get on your knees”, I shiver all over knowing I cannot resist his order and that soon he will be shooting his tasty cum into my hungry mouth. I cannot help myself. As disgusting as I feel afterwards, it is only a matter of time before I find myself back on my knees again begging to suck another cock. I’m a true faggot who needs to make up for lost time.

I know you are wondering why we seldom if ever have sex anymore. I am no longer attracted to pussy, ONLY COCKS. All I want is a cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass and a naked man to play with in the bed.

I’m now such a slut now (but I love it), spreading my legs, showing my face on the internet. I get off knowing people are downloading and possibly reposting my photos. It gets me so so horny. I like to masturbate seeing my pics on the web!!!

I just wanted you to know about me honey. What a pervert I have become. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! Your gay faggot loving husband, James

I really want to be completely exposed/fucked/humiliated/ruined for life. Expose me for the crazy bitch I have become.- I am asking for it. I hereby state I am fully aware of the possible consequences of my actions posting my nude photos and personal info. I realize this may cause me scorn, ridicule, not being able to obtain work, etc. and will hold no one responsible for anything that might happen to me as a result of my photos and info being reposted and spread around. The total exposure turns me on. Seeking exposers!

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  1. sispig40 5 months ago

    God this is sooo hot! I’d love to wish my wife a happy anniversary the same way. Would love to suck your dick in front of your wife, send pictures of your ass cunt to my wife and tell her your pussy is hotter than hers ever was,

  2. sispig40 5 months ago

    Id love to deliver your sweet card to your wife for you.

    • Author
      James 5 months ago

      OMG! would you do that? It would ruin my ass. But I do deserve it. I live in a small Mississippi town.

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