Looking to be exposed.





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  1. Admin MasterAshton 2 years ago

    Damn straight you’re hopeless. The videos don’t work, fix them or I’m removing your post and banning your account for wasting everyone’s time.

  2. Hopelessfaggotboy 2 years ago

    The videos play

  3. Admin MasterAshton 2 years ago

    Can hear some sounds, no picture. You’re links are not even links, no one wants to waste their time copy and pasting that shit to go to your dumb ass sites. Fix it or your gone, you have 30mins from now before I ban your account and ban your IP. It’s one thing to be A faggot, it’s another to be A faggot and waste peoples time with your pathetic posts.

  4. Hopelessfaggotboy 2 years ago

    I am sorry you can not see the videos. I am sorry the links are only listed as text and not links. I can not log on the site to correct the post. If you will notive the listed address was a temporary email so that I could never delete it. If you click here: http://tinyurl.com/you-are-exposed-faggot you will see I really am. P.s. you will have to copy and paste the link. Your comments don’t allow links.

  5. Hopelessfaggot 1 year ago

    Wow! This post is still active and was automatically added to the Fag Media

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