1. BLOUSEFAGGOT 9 months ago

    What cock, you mean that clittty dickette?

  2. Author
    iamdisgraced 9 months ago

    OMG! I have already been reposted 13 times! I wonder where I went. I am so hard and scared.

  3. Author
    iamdisgraced 9 months ago

    My exposure continues. 29 reposts. I still wonder who and where. Thank you MasterAston for making my shame so public. There is no way I can do any of the things you mention in the FAQ to be released from my humiliation and expsoure and that is as it should be. I deserve the shame and disgrace.

  4. Jenniferann 8 months ago

    Seek professional help for your problem faggot. In the mean time, I ORDER you to post your full real name.

  5. iamdisgraced 8 months ago

    I still cannot believe I am being seen like this and there is not a fucking thing I can do about it . I deserve it for being so stupid.

  6. iamdisgraced 8 months ago

    Jenniferann. I wish I had the courage. Someday when I do I will tell u my full real name and you could post it on the comments Of My Posts And In Groups And Forums And I Will Thanh You For The Shame And Fear.

  7. iamdisgraced 8 months ago

    My name is Jerry B. and I live in Wisconsin. I love exhibiting my disgrace. You can see the resigned look on my face knowing I must show the world how pitiful I am. I hope you are amused or aroused by my shame.

  8. iamdisgraced 7 months ago

    If you look closely you can see my wedding ring in some of these pictures. I wish someone would send a link to this post to my wife Linda so she could see me like this and also see how desperately I need to be exposed. But she would leave me and I would be ruined. Jerry B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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