Humiliation and exposure addict, John Henry Hyson, is publicly exposed for the next 365 days as a subhuman toilet sissy slave cock slut and an impotent no dick crossdressing cum swallowing fagtard loser freak by

Subhuman slave object John Hyson accepts her place as a mindless bimbo whore, an “it”, a thing, an object to be ridiculed and mocked, used and abused, by Superior Alpha Men. Real Men are its Gods and Masters. Pussy-mouth sperm-hole John Hyson is a clown, a deranged circus freak, a dancing monkey, and a worm – a feminized faggot pig-beast and shit-eating toilet.

Faggot/Maggot, John “no dick” Hyson, belongs exposed and publicly shamed in Master Ashton's public faggot zoo: – with the rest of life's dickless losers.

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It is an honor to be compared to the likes of you loser

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