Increasing number of diaper fags!

Diaper fags always make me say to my self “WHAT THE FUCK” the most. What’s more pathetic then wearing A diaper and shitting your self on purpose? Seriously what the fuck…. Dressing up as a girl, yeh that’s still weird and gay as fuck, but at least they are not shitting and pissing them selfs LOL!This diaper fag uploaded a ton of pictures, I don’t know if he bitched out on posting them or just didn’t know how. Either way, I’m doing it for him LOL. Hopefully someone can find his personal facebook and info to expose this faggot to his friends family, let them know how much of a disgusting fag he is!


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  1. Diaperfag October 6, 2017
  2. Diaperfag October 6, 2017
  3. Anonymous October 7, 2017

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