jenniferanne begged me to post this:

Hi Faggots, this is Jenniferanne, AKA James (Jim) Hahnenberg.  As I have bragged to all of you for months, I was OUTED.  Now, I want to go to the next level!  I want to be DESTROYED so that I have to live as a sissy faggot 24/7.  First step is that I beg you to send my pics to all my neighbors, this way my sham marriage will be over and I can move to a more trans-friendly neighborhood.  Something else though most of you don’t know:  I was a total PERV and friended some of my kid’s friends on facebook.  When my pics got posted to facebook, it was the biggest turn-on EVER!!!  Due to certain other things that happened with two of her friends, I am very subject to BLACKMAIL, which I also LOVE!!!  Can’t have the pics sent to her school or I could get in BIG trouble.  I made tons of money in my job and have been very cheap, which means I have a lot more money in my bank accounts than you IDIOTS.  Feel free to BLACKMAIL me if you want to make some quick money.  I have more that a mil in the bank LOSERS.


Download, print and send the following image to my neighbors.

I am James (Jim) Hahnenberg

158 Park Ridge Court, Aurora IL  60504

Send to all my neighbors!  Call them too!

Kevin Loney:  154 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No:  (630) 800-1256

David Schoonover:  157 Park Ridge Ct,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 346-1517

Jason Hayes: 148 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No:  (630) 851-8625

Sharline Sproul: 130 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 299-3429

Kim Ludman: 153 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 338-2380

Jean Deugoue: 138 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (773) 799-6693

David Corrigan: 149 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 898-7768 ***This guy is a real asshole***

Robin Jacob: 151 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No:  (847) 346-9652

David Booher: 150 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 851-8701

David Culhane: 134 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 313-9583



Jeffrey Rossman`s secret life as a crossdressing sissy faggot is being exposed over the internet. Living in Connecticut, Jeffrey is admitting he is a sissy faggot who loves boys and is to be exposed all over the web so people who know him will find out what he really is. I am JEFFREY ROSSMAN and I live in CONNECTICUT. And this is me in the picture wearing a short blue skirt and high heels. I am admitting that I am a submissive sissy faggot who shaves his legs, wears panties, bras, pantyhose, skirts and heels. I am very nervous and afraid my friends, family and colleagues finding out I am a queer and a faggot who loves boys. But, I know I need to be exposed so I can face the consequences of family, friends, and colleagues finding out what I really am.

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  1. sdma56 10 months ago

    James. Your doing the right thing. Congratulations on your courage. Please keep us informed on your recent exposure
    We r here 4 u

  2. Anonymous 10 months ago

    I was not bragging about my outing and i didn’t request this exposure! i don’t have a lot of money either – person is making that up. please don’t blackmail me.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      maybe 2 u a million dollars isnt a lot, but to some of us it is

  3. Anonymous 10 months ago

    last comment was by jenniferann (james hahnenberg)

  4. sdma56 10 months ago

    Oh sweetie its to late now. Your a fag like all of
    Leah is helping you and thats very rare. Trust me on that
    You need to be for ever greatful to Her!!!

  5. Jenniferann 10 months ago

    please nooo

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      right…u sign a doc saying to expose and ruin u, then u say u didnt request…LOL

  6. Anonymous 10 months ago

    blackmail the fuck out of this loser

  7. djhdhh 10 months ago

    If your fully exposed like this surely blackmail would be pointless? If your life is already fully ruined there’s no way blackmail would have anymore of an affect? You either want exposure to this level or blackmail, they don’t work together… am I wrong?

    • LLM 10 months ago

      idk…his comments make is sound like something might have happened with his kid’s friends…mayb3e he is worryed about something theier

  8. Anonymous 10 months ago

    WOW!!! What a posting!!!

  9. Jenniferann 10 months ago

    I did not request this post. i did make an error in judgement signing the agreement and sharing it. And yes, blackmail is pointless as i have already been outed. To be clear, i DON’T have a million dollars – that would be a lot to me too.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      The usual pattern with this guy. Ok, since you say blackmail is pointless, let’s send pics to all the people on the list and to the teachers at that school!

  10. Jenniferann 9 months ago

    hey faggots, please, please send these! 🙂

  11. Jenniferann 9 months ago

    The real JenniferAnn here. Please stopping sending creepy facebook requests to my daughter.

    She is young and it is upsettting to her. Thank you.

  12. Jenniferann 9 months ago

    Send the photos if you want, but stop the messages to my daughter! Thank you.

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