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Diaper Fags Rule!

Yes, I am from Canada!



Diaper wearing homo

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  1. Jenniferann 7 months ago

    wtf??? u r the one wearing diapers like a loser!

  2. Author
    Diaperfag 7 months ago

    I didn’t make this post. O_o

    • Anonymous 7 months ago


    • Jenniferann 7 months ago

      I am not mad at you for making this post faggot, although u should have mentioned that I want to become a cash fag and have my accounts drained.

      • Jenniferann 7 months ago

        not me!!!

        • Jenniferann 7 months ago

          yes, i am not mad, maybe bipolar, but not mad at you, haha 🙂 i do want to become a cash fag, but that is separate as to whether i was mad at you for making the original post! hope that is more clear! 🙂

  3. LLM 7 months ago

    LOL, this is a pretty hard-hitting post!

  4. Anonymous 7 months ago

    DiAPEr fagS eat shit

  5. Anonymous 7 months ago

    u have 2 daYs 2 post a pic of u eating DOg SHit or i will post ur name

  6. Anonymous 7 months ago

    1 day LefT to pOst a pic of U eting dOg shiT or i will pOst UR name

  7. Jenniferann 6 months ago

    The real JenniferAnn here. Please stop sending creepy fb messages to my daughter. It is upsetting to her.

    Thank you.

  8. Jenniferann 6 months ago

    You are on my shit list Diaperfag!

  9. Jenniferann 6 months ago

    Hope to see Diaperfag outed soon! 🙂

  10. Jenniferann 6 months ago

    ok dumbFusK DIAperfag idiot, YoU arE now outED hardcore! i hAve posted youR full real NAme on my TUBMrl page. FuK yu U should hAve knone this would happen si nce the fIRSt time i posted U I totd ylou I didnt like diaPer idtios POSt an expOsuire here of U eating Dog sHit and I will remove your NAme froM tumbler

    • Jenniferann 6 months ago

      Real JenniferAnn here again. I did not post this!

      • Author
        Diaperfag 6 months ago

        I know it’s not you. no worries

    • Author
      Diaperfag 6 months ago

      Look, it’s not happening, and now i know you’re not real since you forogot to log out of jen’s account before making this. you might as well stop.

      • Anonymous 6 months ago

        yOu Think u r OFF the hooKfukn diaper ass FUk u U wilL be sry U begged mE 2 zPost u on my Xhamster ane i told u I didnt like diaper iDiots weLL i got ur meta Data off the pcis u sent and I knew whO u r now ALl u diaper fAgs eat shit so eat a PlaTe of dOg whit and post the pics herr or u r outed hArdcord not just on A tumbler

        • Author
          Diaperfag 6 months ago

          Shut up already your not fooling anyone

          • Anonymous 6 months ago

            U R geTtin OUTed IU shiT eEater

  11. Anonymous 6 months ago

    eAte dOg SHit u piece of fukn diAper loER U WILL B FYUKN Siryy u wsick fyuck

  12. Anonymous 6 months ago

    yOu fdiapre fuk LOser

  13. Anonymous 6 months ago

    excpt aN exPOsure of U comiNG sOOn dumfUK

  14. SkinheadSub 6 months ago

    good, i like, more pics for all, is good for you and all

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