I Challenge everyone to help me take my exposure to new heights!

Download, print and send the following image to my neighbors.

I am James (Jim) Hahnenberg

158 Park Ridge Court, Aurora IL  60504

Send to my neighbors!  Call them too!

Kevin Loney:  154 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No:  (630) 800-1256

David Schoonover:  157 Park Ridge Ct,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No: (630) 346-1517

Jason Hayes: 148 Park Ridge Ct ,  Aurora,  IL  60504  Tel No:  (630) 851-8625



Add me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jim.hahnenberg

Skype:  Find Me Listed Under “Jamie Heidelberg”

I Love to be Blackmailed!

Add these peeps too:





More exposure challenges and information to come!

Add any challenges you want to see in the comments!


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  1. Sissy diane 11 months ago

    Posted as requested faggot

  2. James Hahnenberg 11 months ago

    Please don’t do this!!!! No joke.

  3. Susann Bornholm 11 months ago

    Why not??

    • Author
      Account Deleted 11 months ago


    • Jenniferann 11 months ago

      I beg u don’t do it – family issues.

    • Author
      Account Deleted 11 months ago

      go ahead…i want 2 see their reactions…lol…i never liked those losers anwyway

  4. LT 11 months ago

    Great exposure James!

  5. Account Deleted 11 months ago

    Wow! HOT! Has anyone sent yet? Should I?

  6. Jenniferann 11 months ago

    PLEASE NOOO – no joke!!

  7. Jenniferann 11 months ago

    this is the real James Hahnenberg

  8. cockslut 10 months ago

    OMFG this is so great and yet scary as hell

    • LLM 10 months ago

      You should do this too!

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