LOL, this Faggot has been experimenting with exposing himself as the pathetic freak that he is. He's been in the newbie phase of begging to be exposed, then begging to have his pics taken down, for a couple months now. I'm tired of this game, so I offered him the chance to be me for exposure on

I wonder if he knows that I can't take this down once I post it . . .

Enjoy this Joey!  This is your “Dragon Ride”.  When you see this and realize how permanent it is, you will experience a thrill that you will never replicate. You will spend the rest of your life trying to feel as humiliated and excited as this will make you feel, and like an addict you will “chase that dragon” for the rest of your life ;). You will be driven to make more & more riskier exposures, but you will never get enough.

Scroll down through the text so see this fag's pics!

The end of our Tumblr conversation:

Sent 🙂
Good faggot. Do you understand that I can't easily remove your post from if I send it? Here's a preview of some of the content: Yes or No. Do you want me to post it?
Yes. Woah. LOL. Yes or no? Are you ready to be humiliated & exposed? Don't be a drama queen, it's not like it's on BuzzFeed or something. Just an obscure site devoted to pathetic fags like you & me 🙂

Wait can you really not take it down?

I want to take out my phone number and email, would that be ok?

If my phone number and email can get taken out it is a yes.

The rest of our Tumblr conversation:

Would you help expose me please
joeyzdiaperfag sent a post that's no longer available
joeyzdiaperfag sent a post that's no longer available
Can you please remove my post. Thank you
Sure, lol. You went a little too far for your comfort, huh? Still, you've got to admit it was fun 😉
That's a shame, it was a great pic. I'll be here when you want it reposted 😉
Ok thank you
joeyzdiaperfag sent a photoset Diaper Boy Joe…
Would love to see your true thought or comment on the post if you can spare the time? Thank you
Can you please not take the 2 new posts down for atleast 2 weeks even if I ask to bring them down, for the 2 weeks. My goal is to hopefully by doing that, il be sure and comfortable for longer and more public ruin and humiliation. Thank you. -Diaper Fag Joey
Thank you
Today at 10:03 AM
Thank you! And please dont take them down even if I ask again 😉
Today at 2:24 PM
I wish I could get a big response to expose myself farther
You've got to work for that. Try posting on
I will thank you 🙂
If you really mean it, I can get it posted right away. You would need to send me an email to [email protected] You need to include: Text about how pathetic you are- be specific. Text that makes it clear that you are begging me to do this, and that you have my permission to post you on All your best pics, but no visible scat. Bonus points for biting down on a soggy diaper with “”
Thank you thank you! I will have be bitting down on my diaper at my next change with my nice camera. I will take my time writing out my pathetic story. 🙂 I would be so grateful if you would go out of your way and do that for me. 😍 Thank you! I will work on it now 🙂
Please pleaassse, on my hands and knees begging to be exposed by you. I could send you any type of picture you request of me for your use anytime? 🙂
I may be in a long Queue
But I will make mine great! 🙂 Besides the fact that you would even be willing to do that for me is amazing. 🙂 I did post and delete a few times of my exposure but the last time I tried to prove to you that I was ready for my demise. I didnt even think about asking to take them down I just wantes more up 🙂 Thank you again, Diaper Faggot Joey Ziegler
Lol, so stop babbling diaper-boy! Get to work and email what I asked for!
I am 🙂
Today at 7:24 PM

What he sent me: (I thought about correcting his typos, but they're kinda cute and show how truly pathetic he is)

From what you can see by the pictures, Joey Ziegler is a disgusting pathetic freak. He knew he was a freak from a young age but really hecame present in high school. Joey's buddies would be getting laid in the rooms around him, at his own house, but he would be in his own, masterbating into his diaper then going to nigh nights.

Joey has just gotten more pathetic as life went on. He started pooping and peeing in his diapers and loved it! He would steal panties from his cousin's and wear them over his diapers.
As a matter of fact, Joey messes into his diaper everyday looking at pictures of his cousin's. Eye to eye contact, wishing they could see how pathetic he was and his wreched stench. Diaper faggot Joey Ziegler is still a virgin becuase of his love for diapers acting as a chaste. No matter how many times he showers off his pee region always smells like mess and pee…what girl would want to go down on that? Joey seriously saves his dirty diapers for the week just to have, “sex,” with them on Friday night all alone. Probably one of the most pathetic things Joey Ziegler has done yet is to beg and plead to be posted onto eventually to everyone. His family. His friends. Everyone. To have all his secret disgusting secrets unveiled to the public for all to see and abuse. With this small but fertile story to grow I give full consent and permission over to [email protected] for all my pictures to be posted on Diaper faggots like me, Joey Ziegler, do not deserve the right to handltheir own social ruin.
Thank you again!! So much! I know its not for sure but I did work for this. 🙂 I do why but I took a pic of me biting the inside of that diaper. I was in such excitement I was all over the place hehe.
I am on my phone but can send you the picture of me biting the inside when I go in the house. 🙂
Let me know if there is any thing you would like me to add. I beg of you please, please expose the shit out of me. Please.

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Faggot that needs humiliation


That is me, I am pathetic


Dammmmn thats next level diaper faggotry


Why don’t you make another exposure?


actually last time i tried something buggered up. not sure. and don’t really have any new pictures to post anyways

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