So, with the beginning of the new year I had to make a new post.  So I updated my sign to be more easily read, included the link to my xhamster album and the address for my facebook.  ( ) I managed to get a 30 day suspension, but not before one of my pictures slipped through the cracks as publicly viewable.  So feel free to like, comment or share my pic.  I'm going to spam a bunch more when my suspension is up and see if I can get any more through.  In the mean time I took a few pics with my Drivers License because its already out there, why not.  Last thing I did was I took a trip to branson over the holiday.  Made a few copies of my sign and left them in the hotel, in the restraunt I visited and every gas station/rest stop I stopped at.

I think the next thing I'm going to do is put all my pictures and the text file of my sign on some USB Flash Drives and leave them around.  I'd love to hear any recommendations on places you think I should leave them in the Columbia to St. Louis area.

Also, right now google only shows my pictures as results for “John Syracuse exposedfaggots”, anyone know how to make them show up from just searching John Syracuse?

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