Kevin William Powell wants everyone ( including family, friends and strangers) to know that he is a sissy fag. Kelly Michelle Powell wants to have all their male clothing destroyed or donated to charity, leaving her no choice but to dress fully like a female for life. Kevin William Powell the sissy fag wants to suck and get fucked by real dicks while he dresses all girly and slutty. Kelly Michelle Powell is what Kevin William Powell to change his name to, so that her name fits her better.

His address is 8 Pence Ct Greensboro NC 27455

phone number 336 588 9754 let her know what a sissy fag she is

if close drop by and use her or if you know her let her know that you know her secret

So please help spread Kevin William Powell sissy fag and get her exposed and ruined

lets make sure she becomes Kelly Michelle Powell,home,drop-avatar[email protected]/

sissy email [email protected]

other email [email protected]

twitter @kellypowell1

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