It’s understandable that Master Ashton needs to weed the site’s archives of old posts, a mater of simple economics due to the fact that most of the fags who enjoy this site don’t support it financially. I’d contribute a few more bucks if I could preserve my archived posts in perpetuity. Most of these posts are terrible self-degradation FAP- ultimately forgettable. But I’d like to think I have a few gems in my collection too 😉

In the meantime, I’ll use this possible purge of old posts as an excuse to post more pics. I don’t have any new content worth sharing, but I keep seeing a stream of half-assed wanna-be diaper-fags getting posted. Don’t get me wrong newbie diaper-boys- I respect and love your bravery self-humiliation. But this is how it’s done:

Be a diaper-fag in a public shower:

Be a diaper-fag in public:

Be a diaper-fag for random Doms on the web:

Be a diaper-fag who uses his diapers:

Be a diaper-fag who is proud of his huge diapered butt:

Be a diaper-fag who is proud of his huge diapered crotch:

Be a diaper-fag who isn’t afraid to stare straight into the camera :

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1 year ago

99% of the posts on this website are laughable lunacy and nothing more then fags mindfucking themselves. Yes including my own.

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